Green Power Simplified specialises in the Design, Supply and Installation of Fully integrated Solar electricity systems both Residential and Commercial, a reliable, sustainable, eco-friendly source to supply the power you need. The world is becoming increasingly aware of the dangers that fossil fuel based power supplies pose to our environtment. The alternative choices for clean, sustainable and eco-friendly power generators are numerous. Such as Hydro-electricity, Wind power, Geo-thermal heating and, our specialty, Photo Voltaic Solar Energy. Read More


Our aim is to make entry into renewable energy simple and possible. GPS solar power systems are completely flexible and designed to fit each individual home, lodge or business's needs. The process usually starts with an audit and advice phase. A detailed audit form is supplied for completion. From this inventory load list, an estimated solar electric system is worked out, in order to give the client an idea of the costs and options. Once this has been discussed, a follow up site visit is conducted to confirm the power draw of the establishment... Read More

“Every day, the Sun supplies the World with much more energy than we all need.”

“We just have to start using it and turn it into Solar Power! Working on sustainable power solutions future for all.

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